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I broke a branch - What should I do? Urgent!


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Hello, I was fixing the lights when they dropped on my plant :'-(

She's a female, 4 week into flowering after veging for 10 weeks, and this is my first grow :(

couple of fan leaves snapped, and one branch broke, but it still handing from the main stem. (pix attached)

I'm freaking out now, I don't know what to do, is the main plant hurt? can this branch be recovered? what should I do.

The broken branch

The flower on the broken brach


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thank you guys for your quick response, it really comforting to know you're here to help,

I wrapped it with a tape, hope it heals. should I worry about an infection or something on the main plant?

Thanks again.

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Yeah I have snapped them and had them heal fine, but that one looks like it's barely still hanging on the main stalk by some skin.

Agreed. That one looks doubtful to me. Still - no harm in trying. :goodluck:
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