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I can't find a weak enough fan for my microgrow!


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I'm going to be growing in a box of about 4 cubic feet, I have got the smallest filter I could find (Prima Klima K2600FLAT) but I'm a bit unsure about what fan to use; going by the rule of thumb I read about exchanging the air once every three minutes, this would require a fan of just over 1CFM, which is very low, even the smallest fans I can find seem to be about 100CFM

Do you forsee any problems with exchanging the air so frequently?
The only problem I can imagine is that it may make the humidity too low, but I'm sure that could be counteracted.

So because I dont need a high performance fan, and due to space constraints, I was thinking of using one of those very cheap inline duct fans (about £10, they are the same diameter as the ducting)
I read the datasheet and compared the specs with a bigger fan, and I noticed that the pressure rating of the small fan is much lower (35Pa compared with about 200Pa)
And I can't really find any information about this, would this be too low to pull air through the filter?

Also another thought I had was that maybe having an excessive flow rate will reduce the lifespan of the filter, however do you think this is true?
The way I'm seeing it, there is a fixed amount of odors to remove, and whether this is done at a high or low flow rate, the filter will be used up just the same amount.

Thanks for your help

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You can look at my Anti Journal thread as I started growing in boxes I made (small one I bought), as using the small computer fans for intake and exhaust. I have read that you want to replace the air 1-2x every minute, don't think replacing it more will hurt anything other than if too much a vacuum may move the plants too much (they like a slight breeze but not wind storms ;) ).
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