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I cut sugar intake and this happened


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My health has dramatically improved since cutting my sugar by about 75% over the last three years. You can do it too!
  • I used to be pre-diabetic... now I'm in the normal range.
  • I've had moderate high blood presure (systolic > 130) for 15 years... last week I was 110.
  • My resting heart rate used to be 70-80 for many years. It's now commonly in the 50s.
  • The last couple years as my body has been weaning off the sugar, my heart would get irregular beats after consuming spikes of sugar, like a chocolate bar or soda... that no longer happens.
  • I used to be out of breath after mowing the lawn... now it's just a walk in the park!
Multiple changes have led to these improvements...
  • My primary beverage is unsweetened tea that I add sugar, many times less than the soda or sweet tea I drank for many decades... and CHEAP! at $2 a gallon. I mix 1/2 gallon of tea with 1/2 gallon of water and 1/2 cup of sugar.
  • I used to have a mcdonalds chocolate chip frappe every day, now only a couple per week.
  • I've been eating a tablespoon of flaxseed meal every day or so over the last year.
  • I've been eating a handful or two of unsweetened mixed nuts every day or so over the last year.
  • A 3 month stretch of 3 times a week planet fitness. That was two years ago, time to rejoin and do again.
I'll enter my 60th rotation later this year. The goal is to witness another 20 trips around the sun... all signs pointing up!

Let me know what changes YOU'VE made!

Chris Scorpio

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I'm NOT a quiter!!!!! Lol

Seriously though good job on the positive changes

Some times the hardest choices are actually the easiest to do

Now if you said I should stop eating meat, I think I'd rather die....lol


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if you said I should stop eating meat, I think I'd rather die
One thing at a time! hehe

Funny you should mention meat. I did a deep dive into soil biology recently and watched some videos by Meredith Leigh. She confirmed that weeds don't require rich and bio-diverse soils as say, fruits and vegetable producing plants. I'll just tuck my new-found ability to identify 5 types of nematodes under a microscope by their mouth parts into my back pocket for now!

I then looked her up and turns out she is the author of the books, 'The Ethical Meat Handbook' and 'Pure Charcuterie' and puts on multiple-day workshops about how to source local and more naturally raised meat products and how to butcher/cook. Most people assume you can save money in the long run if you buy a pig or side of beef and DIY from there, so why not buy from places that are on the opposite end of the spectrum from big business farming practices?

So yeah, I agree, not wanting to and not even sure I should give up meat products.


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Well my body decided i was going to get healthy whether i wanted or not. So now i have gluten allergie, wheat allergy, lactose free, iodine allergy and symptoms of gout. Carrots, celery and boiled potatoes are ok though. And i can smoke weed....my blood pressure is near normal, im off omeprozple, ambien, ibuprofen etc...replaced with some island sweet skunk every night before bedtime. Or guava kush...etc


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I have not had sugar in 6 months and I have lost 53 pounds so far! :slide:
But I'd really like like a chocolate chip cookie
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Now if you said I should stop eating meat, I think I'd rather die....lol
I barbecued some vegetables once for my son,who's a vegetarian..It just felt silly...

2 years ago ,my doctor(who tells it like it is) told me "dude you're way too fat"and proceeded to tell me all the bad things I had to look forward to if I didn't lose some weight.
Diabetes and heart disease didn't sound like any fun at all,so I decided to get my weight back down to a reasonable level.
I pretty much kept eating what I'd been eating,but for a year,I ate a lot less of everything..a year sounds like a long time,but I didn't get fat overnight,so I knew it would take a pretty good chunk of time to lose that fat
In that year,I went from 215 to 150 ,which is only a little over a pound a week
I never have been a big sugar eater,but I do like a good dessert every now and then,but now I just have a small slice of pie as opposed to the 1/3 of a pie I used to consider dessert....
Since I've gotten old(er) I don't really get the munchies much anymore,so that helps with the"not getting fat again" thing too.


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I’ve cut dramatically back on Carbs. I found out these complex carbs sit in your stomach and turn into sugar. I’m down 40 pounds without changing anything else.
Now I need a mini me to slap the cigarettes out of my hand. Good work guys.
You can always do what willie nelson did....get a cigarette roller and make 20 joints then put them in your cigarette package, Marlboros or whatever. Every time he wantes a cigarette he smoked a joint. Pretty soon he was off of tobacco
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Virgin ground

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I cut out soda from my diet, started eating smaller portions more frequently. I also garden, bicycle and walk regularly. So far I've lost 75 lbs in the last year. No diets really just lifestyle changes.

I still indulge in chocolate regularly, however it is always over 75% cacao now. The really dark stuff. The last stuff I had was Ghirardelli 92%. It takes care of my low serotonin levels without the added sugar.

Chris Scorpio

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I love grilling veggies, very tasty

If I could cut my beer drinking, and increase my H20 intake, I'd be golden, but!!!!!! That's a big IF


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At planet fitness I did the 30 minute workout three times a week for three months... it really toned me up in all the important muscle groups, and of course I kept a spreadsheet of my weight increases for each of the 10 or so machines. That was 3 years ago, so now I can feel those muscles shrinking. I'll going to start again for another 3 months soon, it's a perfect program for me... HAPPY!
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