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i don't want it to die

i have two questions:
first why all of my five plants have 3 leaves only (i'll post photos) some have 1 some have 2 but mainly 3, will this effect anything?
my second question :
why is this plant dying.. yesterday it was ok and was in a small pot so i transplanted it in a bigger pot and i add Fertilizers.. and yesterday it was raining so i got scared because i didn't know what will happen so i put them inside with low lighting ... all of them are fine exsept this.


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Re: i don't want it to die.

The plant from the last picture is not looking good. Was it exposed to high temperatures? You just transplanted it? It is flowering already and transplanting during the flowering period might stunt the plant a bit. Water carefully, not too much, and give it a few days to see if her roots will grow and give the plant a little push.

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.


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Re: i don't want it to die.

those plants have begun to flower..they are 2 and 3 leafed because of the stress they were going thru and will not recover or grow more now that they enter flower.
They just were to young and didn't get to their full potential and leaf structure.

You can flower them or you can move them to 24hrs of indoor light and they will revert back to veg cycle...it will take WEEKS and go thru more weird leaf structures before finally throwing leafs more than 1,2,3 blades.

Here is a great journal in progress that was a flowered clone and he's put it back into veg....notice the single bladed leaves as she tries to deal with the hormones switching from flower back to veg.

Re: i don't want it to die.

thanks .. so it's not a genetic problem.. if i tryed to flower them is it gowing to yield a little ? ... the proble is that there is no electricity ... it comes few hours a day ... i'll do my best .
Re: i don't want it to die.

you're right thanks to you and all of you guys here at 240 magazine... i start growing at the end of the summer or somewhere around there ... they didn't see much of sun light .. that's why maybe ( i don't know actually) next time i'll make 25 plant i'm planning from now :nomo:
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