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I finally made some Cannabutter. A review.


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In 25 years of useing marijuana I had never bothered to ingest it but as I get older and find my body less cooperative when it comes to smoking I decided to give it a shot. I smoke about 3-4 grams a day and find sometimes that the anxiety and breathlessness that come with that amount is hard on me.
I used pure keif for my butter. On average I can extract 2 grams per ounce of bud so I used that amount. I followed the directions laid out in this thread:
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The only difference was that I did not need to strain it.
It worked beautifully! The butter was clean and not "green" tasting.
I then made sugar cookies. Got 20 cookies from the batch. (pretty big cookies)
(Note: every instance that I used the term "I" should read "my wife" since all I did was stand behind her and complain it was taking too long)
In order to have a fair analysis of the high, we ate a cookie first thing in the mornig and did not smoke a wake and bake... thank goodness cause I surely didn't need a joint after that. I really enjoyed the high. Nice and mellow without the lung pain or anxiety. It took about 20 mins to feel it working and then I stared at the TV for an hour before realizing I was in a daze. Great stone!
In the 2 weeks since making the cookies I have truely felt that it has opened my eyes. I can now enjoy a cookie in many instances that a joint would be unacceptable. I also find it to be a great addition to a joint prior to a movie or long couch sit.
I give this cannabutter thing a big thumbs up! Thank you 420 Mag!



It took decades from the first time I made brownies, to learning to make butter, and now using butter in lots of different things. I love the portability of being able to medicate with a small bit of food. Sometimes things turn out so good they don't stay around long though:yummy::yummy:
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