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I found a nice way to roll a joint

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i, personally, have loved joints since i smoked my first. the problem is, i could never roll a decent joint. id have to bug my brother or my friends to roll for me. so i decided maybe id buy a rolling machine. then i realized how expensive they are and said screw that. i could buy 2 packs of papers for $3 and practice until i got good. then i got an idea that actually worked really good.

first, find a nice, round pencil. it should be just as thick as the joint you want. take your paper and roll it around the pencil, nice and tight. lick it, and let it dry around the pencil. now you have your paper in the shape of a joint, just empty.

now find a pen or pencil that is a bit thinner than the pencil you had before. take your paper and pour your broken up weed into it. every once in a while take the thinner pencil and push your weed down, pack it nice and tight. keep repeating until your joint is full with weed.

i realized if you twist the bottom of the joint before pouring your shake into it, nothing falls out.

when you have the whole joint packed nice and tight, roll the ends and let it dry a little more. i like to hold it a couple inched above the flame of a lighter.

this joint looks nice as hell. its real tight and perfectly shaped. once i light it up ill let you guys know how it burns. peace.
seems like a waste of papers using them to practice on. 3 bucks and you are set rolling nice j's with a roller.


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inhale-exhale said:
What are you talking about couldn't afford a roller? I found a little hand roller for less than 4 bucks at the local tobacco mart.

same here. it rolls em PERFECT.
Zarkn said:
same here. it rolls em PERFECT.
hey brian,heres an even easier way to do it but it follows along the same line as you. Find a bic pen and remoce the cap and the pen part so your left with a tube. Then roll the paper around the tube and lick it. then slide the paper down the tube just a little but so you can twist the end. then just put the weed down the tube and pack it with a chopstick. and keep working the paper down till you have it filled then remove it and add a filter or just twist the end. works well and its a little easier to get the weed into the paper. -Hood


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haha i roll nicer joints free hand :)
practice makes perfect, and you can do it infront of everyone and be like BITCH SAY WHAT!? when u finish lol
brian said:
i, so i decided maybe id buy a rolling machine. then i realized how expensive they are and said screw that. .

you can get a rolling machine at any pipe shop for no more then 10 bucks i baught my friend one for 3.50