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I Got a Clone Machine! Um, now how do I use it?


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Maybe I have more dollars than sense, but I got a Turbo Klone. Now what do I do? I've heard I should use a gel when I take the cutting, but won't the gel just wash off right away? I don't know. If someone could explain making clones to me like I'm from the planet Zatar that would be helpful. I'm really new to all of this. Or a link to some "Cloning for Dummies" page, yeah.

:thanks: in advance for any help


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Cut the stem, stick it in the neoprene collar so at least an inch is below. All you need to use is water, but a lot of peeps use Clonex or a dilute flower fert. Keep res around 68 degrees. Follow instructions w/ unit for cleaning. Gels are a waste of money in a spray environment.
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