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I got my microscope today

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I bought a 50 to 500 usb microscope of amazon. Paid 44 dollars for it. for what I paid it was worth it. Here are some of the pics.

these are 56 day old fastberry
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here is the url for the microscope from amazon. I recommend everyone have a way to get detail look at plants. this is not necessary...but it is lots of fun! if you don't have a way to view trich development you cant decide the best time to harvest.

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Wow that's really clear. Nice buy got a link

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I just added link to thread. I will remember to add stuff like that from now on. Thanks.

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Nice! What magnification are those pix at? I have a 60-120x magnifier on the way tomorrow.

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Not sure but I was playing with it at the higher levels so I would guess it is 300 or greater and I know the one with all the mes of trichs is at the 500 level. Great fun
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Thats listed as an endoscope and endoscopes are looking up peoples asses... :)

Oh wow

Good Scope for plants too.

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The camera part is the exact same as mine only the base is differant. The advantage mine has is the base includes focus knobs to allow finer focus than you could easily achieve simply by hand.