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I guess I sound like a cry baby


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After reading what has happened to others. I was busted back in Oct. for possession of Cannabis and paraphernalia went to drug court in Jan. first offense agreed to what they call drug diversion. To get out you need 14 group sessions one a week and 14 random clean urine test and then they say OK don't do it again, and even sounds like after a period of time you can get it expunged. Doesn't really matter as I'm on disability can't work anyway. I'll be through by the middle of May so I may wine about my pain. Don't like going back on the meds full time, but like they say if you think you got it bad just look around there always somebody that has it worse. :wood:


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good luck to ya,,,,, i'm a law abiding felon now!!!!!


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I am in my 50's and and committed a felony when I was a teenager. Felony was forging a check for $500 in Texas. Ironically if it were for a penny less $499.99 it would have been a misdemeanor. It wasn't pot but that event colored my life like no other. I also ran for 17 years as a fugitive...which was my bad.
I have spent a lifetime being punished for teenage mistake. I am sympathetic to those with pot charges.

But lucky me! I live in paradise in in the mountains and grow weed legally now. I found out last night an ex-girlfriend died of alcoholism. I lost my mother last year to alcoholism. My sister has pancreatic cancer caused by alcohol. The government approves of alcohol. I havn't had a drop in 14 years. Life is good now...
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