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Monsanto among others want that too. im not for it, here's my simple uneducated reason, i do not trust them, grew up near a town w one of their buildings .... superfund site to say the least and ive seen what lic of genetics in seed has done to farmers in India and elsewhere, suicides abound...In the US, lawsuits and suicidesabound, organic farmers have drift seed from other farmers nearby, plants grow monsanto agents find it and sue .... not too uncommon at all sadly. i want wild cannabis stock and hybrids non gmo'd and well screw homogeneous results, the gems weren't found in that as far as i know... anyhow... to happy days...
Who will own is a issue but what you bring up is kind of off topic.
Perhaps it will be publically owned with a few specialty genetics being licenced. I for one do not give a damn if Monsanto owns the genetics of a seed I can buy if I can be assured of getting 40% THC in the final product because that is what the genetics say it will with the terp profile I prefer.


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I worry about seed availability. If pot gets regulated like tobacco big changes could happen. Like you can't get readily available seeds at your leisure. It's partially why I breed my own.

Let's face it nature does the work for you with regs. All's needed is a green thumb. You can put a male and female next to each other outside one time and have seeds for life. Easy peasy. What's more baffling to me is most folks never consider it


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I trust Duth Pasison, Sensi Seeds, and most other dutch well-known brands of breeders.

USA and CA breeders will need to prove themselves and I dont see much that impresses me. It seems way too commercialized already....
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