I have 2 600W hps and 2 1000W hps and a room?


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I have a few questions i just receantly inherited 2 600w hydrofarm light setups along with 2 1000W light set ups the room ima have is about 12x12 ft ceilings are about 11 or 12ft somewhere around there...with the 4 lights is this overkill for a room this size? how many plants could this type of setup handle when it comes to optimal lighting in total? This room will be well ventilated was thinking of getting a 4x8 ebb and flow setup then with the rest of the space soil plants along with a designated spot for mothers and clones..From what i hear with ebb and flows you supposed to go for the quick turn around with the systeam my goal is to grow high quality bud and have huge yields lol i guess every growers goal...Im looking for tips so i can get the max possible out of what i have available any suggestions welcome thank you Hollander.:welcome::welcome:


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Hollander.....With that much light and room i would grow trees.ebb & grow bucket system or big pots of soil.you have 3600 watts of light look into a 5.0 light mover should help you alot.put the 2 1000 on the outside with a 600 in the middle for a filler.that will cove the room well.
Light Rail 5.0 Commercial Drive Greenhouse Light Mover
take a look at that
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