I have a Def-Con 4 situation


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Ok so I'm new to back yard growing. My plant was doing really well then I read about using molasses and for the last 4 days I have put 3 table in a 9 ltr bucket and watered my plant daily. All was great up until yesterday, I had watered it using the molasses and 3 or 4 hrs later my plant looked like this. PLEASE HELP ME CORRECT MY IGNORANCE.
It should be fine.....molasses dont really feed the plant. Molasses feeds the organisms in the soil. Which feeds the plant when it excretes.

Only thing I would wonder about is on an outside grow wouldnt molasses actually attract ants

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No chance of over watering my plant as its in a large pot that dries out daily therefore requiring daily watering. Why would the leaves curl?, why has my plant changed dramatically within hours. It still looks the same today maybe a touch worse. I'm now watering with pure water to try and flush it all out. But I'm wondering if I have changed something in the soil.
Yep unsulphured. I read a fair bit about molasses and didn't come across anything like what has happened to me. Its definitely the molasses that has caused the issue.
What's your average temp during the day? And is your plant in direct sunlight all day? Because unless your leaves are all drooping and your plant weighs almost nothing then she's def in need of water. Watering everyday seems like a lot.

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They look overwatered. You shouldn't be watering everyday.
An over watered cannabis plant will have leaves that are full of water, so the leaves will be firm to the touch and generally curling down (even from the stem of the leaf) almost as if it has too much water weight to hold the leaf out straight.

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How about N toxicity or nutrient lockout due to a pH issue. Both can also cause curling.

Maybe you have fed the soil a LOT of sugars and have just had a spike in levels of your soil organisms which is throwing everything out of whack.

I was just gonna say over watering but you're adamant it isn't.. Why don't you mulch it (even newspaper helps) to prevent the need for daily watering and the possibility of the deeper root zone remaining flooded!?
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