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I have a drug test coming up, Think I'll be okay?


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So I have a drug test coming up next week at MEPS for the military. I haven't smoked in 2 and a half months and I'm 5"11 145Lbs. I have some fat on me but its not much because I think I have a pretty fast metabolism. And I haven't really worked out since I quit smoking either to help it leave my system. I heard that if you were a chronic smoker it could stay in your system up to 90 days. But my question is, since I haven't worked out since I quit and I actually just recently started jogging 10 miles a day 3 days ago do you think that the THC will reenter my urine because I'm burning the fat? Does the THC stay in your fat cells forever? Or once it is out of your system is it completely out of your fat cells and urine???

If anyone can answer this I would greatly appreciate it because I can't risk failing a drug test for the government or I'll be screwed for all jobs.



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I think you will be fine. My friend went into the airforce, and we would go out every night and smoke. He took one month off before his drug test and he just graduated boot camp a few weeks ago, so I assume he passed lol. Of course the time it takes to leave a person's body alters from person to person. Hope I helped! Take care man, and all the luck to ya.
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