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I have a wooden weed grinder that i use on a regular basis, and it has been getting harder to turn because it needs to be cleaned, but i am not sure how i should clean it the right way without damaging it. Anybody else have this problem?


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stop smoking shit that sticky icky icky
Now I dont own one of these but I think you can
just scrape wut you can out with a paper clip or put like rice or something hard and small to break up the pieces
yea that bud sounds like its really sticky. a toothpick or clip, like sean said, would work fine to pick out the little peices.

yo dude, i got a wooden grinder too w/ the same problem ... what u gotta do is take like a coin or something, like a nickel, and scrape it up and down the outside of the grinder where it makes contact w/ the top...then do the same on the other side...then you should be fine..............

btw, where in NY u at?