I Have An Innie And An Outie Grow


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WHERE: inside 4x4x7 grow tent
GROWING IN: 7G fabric grow bags
LIGHTS: HLG 600H Quantum Board/Mars Hydro SP 250
MEDIUM: Pro Mix All Purpose Soil Mix(75%) Pro Mix HP (25%)

LSD - Barney’s Farm
American Pie - Pyramid Seeds
Tahoe OG Kush - Cali Connection
Green Crack - Canuk Seeds
Blue Dream - Canuk Seeds
Do-Si-Dos - Canuk Seeds
Canuk Cookies - Canuk Seeds
Bubba Kush - Seedsman


Well I’m still waiting on my last grow to finish drying but onwards to the summer 2020 grow. So I cleaned out the tent, got my bags filled and planted the seeds right into the moist soil. Forgot to add some of my Bat Guano to the soil mixture, but might add some later. Plus with the weather finally moving forward into the warmer tempetures in my neck of the woods in Southern Ontario. It was time to get the outdoor grow going as well.

WHERE: Outdoors
GROWING IN: 25G Rubbermaid Garbage Cans/50G+ makeshift skid soil bed
MEDIUM: Pro Mix All Purpose Soil (50%) Big Yellow Bag of Soil (50%)

Californian Snow Auto - Fast Buds
Blueberry - Seedsman
Alaskan Purple - Seedsman
Durban Poison - Canuk Seeds
Glookies - Barney’s Farm

Started everyone about a week or 2 ago inside in solo cups before planting them. Only the Cali Auto I started in the garbage can from seed starting yesterday. I might also throw another seed outside for the upcoming Seedsman comparison grow, if they come early enough. Plus I also had a seed sprout in my one soil bed from last years Fruity Pebbles outdoor harvest. the buds were filled with seeds and one fell into the soil in October and sprouted on its own a few weeks ago. So a mystery Fruity Pebbles X Grow is possible as well, but need more yard space and another big pot. I only know that my neighbour had the male that possibly pollinated it but doesn’t remember the strain given too him. Oh well, they have all started and wish me the best of luck


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I’m in, also a Southern Ontarian, weather has been getting really nice lately. Also thinking about taking a few extra clones and getting them ready to go outside. That tent is gonna get packed! Can’t wait to watch!

Looking like Wednesday at the earliest is when you can get plants going outside, still too cold for a couple more days. But I get to use the cover of rain to set up a Toronto gorilla grow


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DAY 4 Almost all my tent seeds have already popped. Gotta remember to keep my vent and fan off at the start of my grows, gets warm and muggy in the tent the seeds love it. My Do-Si-Dos popped out of the shell and ground in just 2 days and 4 more today. (American Pie was just pushing up soil and didn’t take a pic) Just waiting on Tahoe OG, Bubba Kush and Canuk Cookies.



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DAY 6 well all but my Canuk Cookies seed took in the tent. So I dropped another bean in and will see if I have better success with that one. Also a change to the outside garden setup. My Californian Snow Auto sadly also didn’t take to her outside planting from seed (should of started inside in a solo cup) So I had some beans I started for my cousin but don’t think she will be able to get to them for her grow anytime soon. So I had a Black Domina, Rainbow Kush and a Jack Herer at about 2 weeks of growth in Solo cups. In the end the Jack Herer (Seedsman) plant won, and also helps that a comparison grow is also happening and wanted to join in :rollit:



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Does "near Barrie" count as Southern???? I've got my greenhouse all set and ready to go and just put my rain covers up for my outdoor gals - I'm envious of your seedlings - "The're so cute at that age".
Most of my "experimental" plants are about a foot to a foot and a half and flowering for a while now - I wasn't expecting that. I only have one "good" seed and she is struggling to hang in there - poor wee gal.
Could be an adventurous summer!!! :ciao:


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DAY 9 well I had to start a 2nd seed for my Canuk Cookies a few days ago and today it finally sprouted. Needed a little help out of the shell but all plants are now growing in the tent. Blue Dream and Do-Si-Dos are the star pupils so far with some steady growth. Hoping that continues and the rest catch up so the training can begin soon. Hoping 8 weeks of vegging but might go 9 with a Canuk being behind a week compare to everyone else. Well, we shall see how she goes. Only doing simple light watering but will probably start adding very small doses of mega crop in a week or so. So here is the Innie Update with pics




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DAY 8 well summer arrived today a month early. Hot, humid and pop up T-Storms that led to the downpours. Just got the thunderstorm warnings coming home from work on my phone. The rain came down in buckets and I had all my girls completely exposed and they took a pounding. Thankfully like Rocky himself, they got hit hard but they kept a getting ready to go a few more rounds. I threw in the towel and covered them up for the rest of the night but could be like this for the week. Should be interesting to see how big they grow during this time. Also slightly moved my Blueberry plant because it wasn’t getting the sunshine I hope it would in its spot. Thankfully my neighbours are getting an arborists in to trim back her tree in her backyard. This should greatly add more sunshine to my garbage can plants, and I expect some big changes by the weekend. Forgot to take pics of my reveg attempts but the thunder was really rumbling, as I rushing to get these pics done. So my Outie pic update

Durban Poison






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Im in! LSD from barneys was one of my favorite grows/smokes. It was awesome! Good luck.

does it really give you the lsd/psychedelic high? Main reason I’m growing it, because I want that awesome feeling for when I’m watching my 3D films at home on my projector. Plus I just got an Oculus Rift VR headset and wonder what that will be like too:hippy:


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Haha it was def one of the most "trippy" strains. You will lose yourself in the smoke. Still not the same as LSD but its a very good strain. I have "warped" around the house a few times with it. Open my eyes and be in one room and then open them again and be in another room lol... I believe that was part of the edibles as well though haha.
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