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i have no idea what is going on with 1 plant


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Really im trying do something with this plant, and i really dont know where is problem :>
all plants got same nutrients same water

im using only biobizz

her sister flowering like crazy tops are bigger 4 x

sick blue mystic, she looks same from 5 days ? flowering is stopped
day 40

and her sister

please help me


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i dont have ph tester(im out of money now..) everything happened after flo nutrients but i put only 0.5 ml top max 0.5 biobloom, 1 ml biogrow, 1 ml bioheaven, then i gave her only water, and again i lower nutrients to 0.3 biobloom 0.3 top max 0.7 heaven without biogrow then again only water and yesterday same 0.3 biobloom 0.3 top max 0.7 heaven

her sister and 2 x northern lights auto got much more nutrients (about 100-110%)

and one more thing blue mystic with yellow leaves is anyway the tallest.. but flowering is stopped
aaa.. one more bottom leaves are ok

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