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I have space. Need ideas.


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Hi all,

I have a 10x12 room to use for my grows...I currently have a 4x8 hiddenjardin tent set up with 2 600ws... Pull about 3 pounds per harvest with 20 plants in soil.

I have grown fond of DWC buckets and really want to grow some bigger plants in them but the tent doesnt allow much space.

The room i have to grow in is not air conditioned and the weather will quickly be getting warmer here in cali. I was wondering if any of you know of a decent air conditioning setup i could use becuase the whole house is without air conditioning so i cant just vent from another room...

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I have read up on some units and done my research so please dont tell me to do my homework...just curious what others have done...Thanks


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Re: I have space...Need ideas...

Some people might say an air conditioner would be your best choice, but I would suggest going with a recirculating/undercurrent DWC set up and investing your 'cooling' money on a chiller, res temps are more important than room, especially if you can add 1000+ppm of c02.:goodluck:

With DWC you won't need as many plants either, since they can get so big so quickly. I'd guess 6-8 plants could get the same yield as your current 20.
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