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I have spastic paraplegia - Can barely walk - Trying MM for the first time


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Hi everyone. My doctor approved me to try medical marijuana for my condition. I am totally new to this. I have my weed, and I also have a vaporizer, but have know idea on how to start doing this. Could someone guide me on doing this? Sorry to be so dumb, lol. Thanks.


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I Don't use a vaporizer personally but I wish you the best of luck with the meds. This app is awesome I'm sure someone can steer you in the right direction

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I also don't use a vape but i wanted to wish you the best of luck. I really hope cannabis can help your condition. If i am remembering correctly there is a section on methods of medicating and you can probably find some info you need there. Someone on here will be able to help. This is the best source of info i have found yet.


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Hi again. Unfortunately nobody has replied on how start with the medical marijuana. I started on my own, not knowing what exactly to do. I started vaping at night, taking 3 turns vaping. I decided to do it at night only, because I take my kids to school in the morning and didn't want to take any chances. I don't know if I should be looking for immediate results, or to let it build up in by system. As I said, I'm totally new to this. I am totally lost too. Please help me. Thanks.


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Can anyone help me? Please? I want to walk so bad, and I just need guidance on starting with the medical marijuana. I don't know what to do. Any advice you could give me would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks

Dave Groomer

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I am sorry. I just saw this.

There are many ways to treat with cannabis. The one that has the fastest onset is smoking (or vaping).

Here are a few basics to get you started. First off, I use cannabis for my MS. I help another person with MS and I have a friend with an odd type of Parkinson's that sounds similar to you.

Low and slow is the way to start. Take one hit off your vaporizer and wait for a few minutes. See how it affects for symptoms. My friend with the Parkinson's, has a type of spastic where her right hand lags behind her left hand. She took 2 hits of a strain called Blue Blood (20% thc 10% CBD) and within seconds her hand was working almost normally.

Also, Indica vs Sativa. Sativas are better for daytime since they won't tend to make you as tired. Some people can get anxious for strong sativas. Indicas are good for night time and to help you sleep.

You also may want to see how a balanced strain (1 to 1 ratio thc/cbd) does for you.

Pop yourself over to SweetSue's Cannabis Oil Study Hall. Sue is great and there are a number of very smart people that hang out there. :circle-of-love::peace:


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I know this is old, but I wish he would have came back with any results. My mother has this, and is willing to try cannabis. But i dont know how to help her, she can barely walk with a walker. Its a damn shame, her health is fading because she cant remain active. And she is someone who used to walk every day. Bout 3 months ago she took her last trip to the grocery store on her own. She went as long as she could but its too much for her to manage now

Oh and anyone with this condition reading this in the future, if your prescribed Baclofen take it at your own risk. My mom took that stuff for about 7 days and while she was on it and made her speech slow down, it's almost like she talks really slow. It started as soon as she started taking baclofen, she quit taking it after 7 days and Her speech never recovered.

We even wondered if she had a stroke, but she didn't.

My experience with baclofen is this, I have a spinal injury 5 fractured vertebrae in my thoracic from an auto accident in 2013, I'm okay now with cannabis. But I also was on baclofen for about 6 months and that stuff altered who I was. I've never hit a woman in my life and I nearly punched my wife one night when I had gone too long without taking Baclofen, it was a night out and I just forgot to take some but didn't know I was going to have withdrawals. That's how dependent I became on it and didn't even know. I wean myself off of it over a period of two weeks and never have taken it again. But even after that it's taking me nearly eight months to start feeling close to who I once was before. Doctor told me it's never been heard of and that it's something else, but I'm telling you that Baclofen affected my mental health for a while. They were diagnosing me with PTSD and anxiety, which I do have, but they were labeling it is as so severe that I needed a bunch more medication on top of the Baclofen. When the entire problem from the start was the damn Baclofen. Within three or four days having been off of it completely I started feeling more clear-minded and clear thinking, and less anger and rage being held back.
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