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I just use the juice in drinks


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So i made some vape juice w the mason jar hot water bath method. It came out kinda thick, dont think it was strained enough, and didnt work well in my Ecig. It just kept clogging it up and tasting all burned. So i set the liquid aside and didnt pay much attention to it until i got to thinking that its made of food grade liquid and cannabis.

So i thought why not and squirted it into a glass of warm chocolate milk and drank it all down. Now im someone with bad bad bad insomnia and about 30 mins after consumption it really kicked in and i slept like i was an 18 yr old who got laid earlier.

Just figured id pass along if ya have some, or like me have some you messed up, or made too weak. It taste awful straight up, but mixed w water or choc milk its pretty good. Ymmv
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