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I love to hate getting new stuff!


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You order new stuff online.
Wait for them to ship. Wonder where it is every five seconds.
Tracking number!!
Get online every five seconds to see where it's at.
Almost here!!!
Delayed. :(
Christmas. :)
Play with your new toys.
Look up reviews of your new toy.
Play with your new toy some more.
Thank about your new toy every five seconds when you can't play with it.
Get some sleep? Work in a few hours.
Can't sleep.
Can't sleep. Can't sleep.
Shit. It's time for work.

All for something as simple as a new air pump. New brand of rock wool. Better quality air stones.

A few weeks ago it was a new batch of nutrients. The ones IVE BEEN USING ALL ALONG! I got excited like something changed!

What is wrong with me???? And if you think this is bad you should have seen me when I ordered my ballast and grow tent. :peace:

Anyone else act like a five year old on Christmas eve every time they buy something new for their grow?


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I hate to tell you this but everything is made in China...I dare you to find one product even one that is claimed to be made in North America that does not contain any parts that are manufactured from China.....it's like trying to buy any food product that is not made by nestle


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This is a brilliant thread lol and it's deffently a passion.

I ordered a light hanger on Thursday it came with a e.u plug so I wanted to exchange it.
After emailing the seller about a replacement I was checking my email every 2mins.
Had a smoke and forgot about it over the weekend. To my surprise woke up with a email today!
There's a new light hanger on its way and I can keep the other one .....It felt like Christmas lmao


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Me too! For the past two weeks I've ordered from Amazon, other online sites, and have visited both Lowe's and home depot a couple of times.

Now waiting on my seeds, I ordered them 7 days ago. I know it takes time to go from one country to another, but dam! It took two days to get from eEngland to the states, impressive, however, is taken 4 days to travel 600 miles miles and I'm guessing 1 more to go the final 50 miles! I've been checking the USA postal service website two or three times a day!


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I know that feeling man, Im moving next month, so i ordered all of the stuff last night for my first grow since getting out of the service.
half of it has already shipped out! I've probably checked amazon at least 30 times this morning to check on the others too =p


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World of seeds is great... I grew the NL crossed with Big bud but it was the fem version and not auto.. Great smoke!!!

My WOS all succeeded. And all I did drop each seed in a soaked cube and, BAM, 5 days later I have strong stems and already a pair of mature leaves coming in!


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For me waiting for some seeds that have to go through customs and be delivered is one of lifes greatest treats

I just watched mine sit in customs for 5 days. theyve finally cleared and should be delivered monday!
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