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I may be an idiot: how to get the actual 420magazine


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I cant find anywhere on the 420 site that lets you order a subscription to the actual 420 magazine...I even did a google search and came up with nothing. Too much indica in me right now maybe..

Please enlighten me. :Namaste:

Captain Kronic

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I'm pretty sure they are in the process of getting that up or back up... I forget which. I'm sure a white hat will be along to fill us in in more detail... I too am looking forward to the actual mag.
I get tired of looking at prime buds (rival magazine) that come to noting more than an advertisement for every greedy person out there who thinks they are gonna make their millions on MMJ.


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I hope it happens soon. I want something different than what I have now. Thanks for the info though.

All the media buzz around mmj can get annoying. Sometime I almost wish it would stay illegal lol Im going to smoke either way!

Happy Kitty

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Thank you for your interest in our print version of 420 Magazine.

At present, 420 Magazine is not being distributed in print form. Our energies and efforts have been exclusively focused on expanding our web presence.

However, we plan to return to press with our new and improved print magazine very soon. Please stay tuned for an email announcement, which will include the timing of our relaunch as well as distribution and subscription details.

We thank you for your interest and your support. :420:

Teddy Edwards

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Thank you for your interest.

420 Magazine is not currently being distributed in print form, while our energies and efforts are exclusively focused on expanding our digital presence.

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