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I need a Doctor in the whitby ontario canada area


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hi im in need of a doctor that will sign this dam form im getting sick and tired of the run around i have been going thru. i have chronic insomnia , ADD, and arthritus in my wrist. I have been on rittalin for 5 years and it is horrible. i have been prescribed almost every sleeping pill thats out there and all they do is get me high or nothing at all. I find that cannibus strains such as kush are best for aiding me in going to sleep. i have been to sleep clinics and they dont know wat to do and im just about fed up with this whole medical system. my doctor told me that he wudnt sign the form but he has no problem prescribing sleeping pills that are just horrible.

so if theres anyone out there that can help it wud b greatly appreciated. thanks.:thanks::thanks::thanks::adore:


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Hey Hardope.....I've looked into Hamilton. Any other clues? I have also tried a million and 1 different websites. I haven't been able to find a doctor as of yet.....
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That source be bustin, see me postee. here is a cut and paste of what happened when cops raided that doc and took all the files for more 'personal processing'

Me just dah Messanger, Word to dem with notes.

Raid on local medical office leaves a big mess and no charges
By Barbara Shaw Bancroft This Week
Saturday Jan 28 2012

Officers from the OPP and the RCMP descended on Coe Hill on Jan. 26 serving
warrants at both the home and the medical clinic of Dr. Rob Kamermans. An
estimated 20 officers raided the doctor's office and home.

Jct: Must have been some horrible crimes going on by the show of force. 20
officers to take on an office of paperwork!

Dr. Kamermans was taken into custody but after questioning, no charges were laid
and he was released.

Jct: Taking him into custody was completely unnecessary. They're just making an
example of him for other doctors not to get involved. Good for us that they were
so Gestapo-ish.

Dr. Kamermans runs a busy family practice in Coe Hill. A neighbour who did not
want his name used said he was disgusted that the police would target the doctor
in this way and "tear apart his home and office and remove private patient
files." The neighbour said he saw the files being removed from the office by two
of the officers. During the full-day search of the clinic, the operator of the
Coe Hill Farmers Market and Café said that the officers weren't saying anything
to him about what they were searching for.

The Coe Hill Farmers Market and Café is run by Faz Rahman and is attached to the
medical office. Dr. Kamerman is Rahman's landlord. They share a washroom so RCMP
officers could be seen from the Café conducting their search. Officers remained
in the café throughout the day. "They ordered some sandwiches," said Rahman who
was trying to keep his business running despite the interruption.

Dr. Kamerman was back in the clinic on Jan. 27 trying to resume his work. He is
waiting to speak with his lawyers before making a statement. Media relations for
this case is not being handled in the Bancroft detachment of the OPP but has
been referred to Sergeant Kristine Rae, media relations officer for the East

She would not any provide details on the case except to say it was an ongoing

Jct: I guess the government message is that doctors should not participate in
their government plan too much.


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So its like your screwed..but what is worse there are sites that charge for forms and lists..and if you read certain Drs charge for like a large huge fee 400 you scan send your files.. send money they meet with you on skype and sign off..
but what if HC does not recognize them..Like Dr David Saul all those people he signed off on ..before Dec ..HC is not honouring ..and return the form..if you are Catagory one. there is a possible that your own gp can sign ..other than that your screwed
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