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i need advice on lighting


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hi, i'm new here. My name is rudi, i'm from holland where marijuana is illegal, but tolerated. I want to try my first grow in my own house, i will use a room that is 3m2 by 4m2 and about 2.2 meters high. The first thing i need to sort out is the light, what lights should i use? In my case i need to keep it stealthy and keep my electricity needs as low as possible, even if that means pay a higher price for more efficient equipment.
So what i need to determine which lights to get is a list of the best lights available and then choose what is within my financial possibilities. I guess everyone would like that, no one wants to go trough all the misinformation thats out there, the damn advertising, the bro science, all that stuff. So if you have experience, share it man, we're most likely not in competition. People smoke a looot. If you don't want to put it out here for all to see then pm me or mail me at rudibartelink@outlook.com

So here is what i think a good lighting setup should do:

good lighting gear should be able to be used in the whole process of seed to bud. So that is germination, growing, flowering, producing high quantity and high quality. And not of one specific strand but most or all strands.

Good lighting gear should also be able to be customized to specific needs of plants and situations like the dialing in and out of frequencies. I've read that there are red frequencies which alarm the plants and make them produce more resin in defence.

Other than that i dont really know what good lighting should have, should they emit uv radiation?

So thats why i was looking at led's, but there is a lot of disagreement on led's in the growing fora. I read that led's aren't even that efficient, they still produce heat and need to be cooled to maintain quality. I have also read about induction lights, if led's could be combined with induction energy delivery that would make for an awesome lamp,


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LED's are the most efficient light source by at least 10% now. Induction lights are slightly more efficient than CFL or tube florescent lights. Red light does not have any function in the production of resin. Have a read over the link in my signature to give yourself a basic familiarization with plant lighting. If you have any more questions after that please feel free to ask.
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