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I need advice re thrips and plants in flower


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I have what Im sure is Garden thrips. I have seen where neem oil mixed with warm water and a wetting agent can help and something called garlic barrier.
I still have my prizes from SNS and will go ahead and use the way its recommended in the instructions but my question is what to do with the plants that are heavy in flower? I keep leaving them alone figuring that soon they will be out of the garden but its pretty obvious that's not the best plan of attack.
I will get back into my spraying once a week with neem oil in veg and early early bloom as a preventative.
Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated and will help lots of growers and their plants in the future.


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I think you have the right idea, I haven't had thrips myself but its apparently pretty common amongst growers.
All you can do is try to contain then eliminate.


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Thrips are small, fast-moving insects with wings.

They rasp, or grate the marijuana leaves open, and suck the sap out.

Thrips prefer flowering tops, and fresh, young leaves.

Affected leaves have shiny, silvery spots. This is caused by the thrips sucking the chlorophyll out of the leaves.

In spite of the fact that they're small, you can see them marching in columns on an infested plant.

Solution: Thrips can be fought with your favorite insecticide. Or predatory insects, the thrips' natural enemy is Amblyseius cucumeris.

A thrip problem can be solved basically the same way as aphids. My favorite way to get rid of them is misting your plants in a solution made of 1 part SM90, 5 parts water.

You'll want to do this when the lights are about to go off(or else the leaves will get burned)
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