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I need advice


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I'm suffering from depression & panic anxiety disorder

I have to take 5 kinds of pills to get up and function in the morning and to sleep at night. (Zyprexa 5mg, Temazepam 30mg, Paxil 20mg, Wellbutrin SR 150mg, Methotrimeprazine 25mg)

I haven't been able to get hard because of the Paxil for over 3 months now (I'm afraid that my wife may have an affair with someone else if it keeps up)

I was growing 1 pound of weed in my basement because I found that it helped me relax and didn't feel the need to take all of these pills that fuck me up. But the cops came and busted me friday march 16 2007 and took all of my weed and equipment (besides all that they broke and messed up). Now I have more to worry about (criminal record, large fine, having to buy "shit-weed" from some dealer)

If anyone knows about quebec laws and cannabis please let me know...........

Miss Indica

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I hear you. I take 8mg Klonopin, 1000mg Seroquel, 150mg Norpramin, 90mg Adderall, 225mg Effexor, 10.8mg Yohimbe and birth control. I also have a license. They rarely give out licenses to mental health patients, but if you're on that many medications, you're probably quite elligible if you can get the right papers together. As for the court issue, I was able to claim insanity on something similar and got off with probation and no jail time. Maybe I can give you some info... Mail me at your_dream_girl86@myhelio.com
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