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I need help when to harvest this particular strain


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Hello everyone,

I've been growing for 4 years now and there is one strain that continues to puzzle me as to when to harvest. I see plenty of white pistols, which tells me it's too early to harvest, but I also see milky white trichomes with some of them being amber. This is an outdoor grow of Purple Haze in my backyard. Last year I waited too long and things got a bit harsh and narcotic like. I don't want a repeat of last year, but I don't want to harvest too early either. Thank you to EVERYone in advanced for all of your help and guidance. 420 mag is the best!!! :adore:


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Hey CBD, Pretty girl, she looks real frosty for sure and I see fair amount of cloudy but my eyes are not great looking at the screen. She appears to be in the harvest window and those new pistils are scattered sonshe’s not covered up thick with new ones. I would say she is close to done and you ran this last year..... so yeah. No major insight from me, but I don’t see her getting much bigger. Sometimes it’s great to lock in a sure thing.

See if you get more input
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