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I need help with Cannabis Oil, Please


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I want to share my experience making the oil for the first time. I am so unsure of how it came out.

I started with 3/4 lb of leaf and a couple handfuls of stem. Hours of research convinced me that it contained a higher CBD than the buds and lower THC as well. I could be wrong on this which is why I am posting this because I need help for my Dad's bladder cancer. The last recommendation the bladder surgeon gave him was complete bladder removal. He won't do it and he is very scared. Some days fear and frustration fill our home. I am very hopeful that the oil will work.

I used the freezer method with 3 Liters of 190 proof grain alcohol. Mashed everything good. Squeezed it through a strainer and then strained it through coffee filters. I think we used about 20 filters or more. This straining process took a very long time and when we were done there was a very fine residue left over. The alcohol oil mix was a beautiful chartreuse green. We ended up with a little over half a gallon.

Extraction seemed to go well. I think I could've stopped 5 minutes earlier?? I then poured it into a 1 cup measuring cup and had an amount between 1/4 cup and 1/8 cup. It finished on a cup warmer. The color was a deep reddish amber with a green hue with a small amount of tiny bubbling. I went to start cleaning the distiller for a few minutes and came back and it was bubbling pretty fast in the center. Larger bubbles this time. I ended up with less than 1/8th of a cup and the color when tilted to the side of the container is dark dark amber with a slight green hue. Close to black when looking straight down into the container. It has a very strong weed smell. Sometimes I think I smell alcohol but how could that be possible with such a evaporation/reduction? It's not like a thick grease. Consistency is between honey and olive oil. I'm apprehensive about trying it but i will this evening.

Ugh! I think I really fucked this up and in more ways than one. I am grateful for any info or help anyone here can offer. I'm NY state near Buffalo.

Please help...Thank you-C


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Re: I need help with Hemp Oil, Please

USe only five drops of oil for treatment(twice a day.). Diluted it with hemp seed oil so that I could dispense it out of a dropper. Continue with the treatment atleast for four months. The oil will remove the cancer from the lymph nodes. It will shrink the tumors in the bladder and prostate, and also go for exterior beam radiation for aleast 9 weeks.


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Re: I need help with Hemp Oil, Please

Hi Mariematt,

Thanks for your response and info. I'm not sure what exterior beam radiation is but I'm going to research it. Here is my first experience with it.

I used a toothpick and dipped it in 3 times about 1/4 inch, getting 3 drops but maybe more sometimes. About and hour later I was feeling nothing and thinking about doing 3 more drops (lucky grin). About 5 minutes later I realized it was hitting me. Acute hearing, racing thoughts, slight panic. It was a little overwhelming at first but I knew being present for it was important. That and the occasional really deep breath helped. My body seemed sort of sluggish and I think my head was buzzing a little.

After about an hour into it, things started to slow down some so I could relax and focus on things. Issues in my life that are worrying me were worked very quickly in my head. Eventually I put on some music. Nothing heavy though. I listened to old blues which I haven't done in 20 years. I also did some photoshop work instead of reading news online. No need for bad vibes.

After about 4 hours I was pretty much back to normal and ready for bed but not before answering the munchies.

I'm currently testing out a single drop to make sure my Dad can handle it.


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Re: I need help with Hemp Oil, Please

Just like Marimatt said, I beat my cancers with hemp oil.
I had stage 4 cancer of the arterial lymph nodes, bladder and prostate at 48 yrs of age. I was told that I had about a 10% chance of beating the cancer with radiation and hormone therapy.

I decided to take matters into my own hands. I found a caregiver and he made my simpson oil for me. I did 4 drops twice a day for 4 months. When I was done, the cancer had left my lymph nodes, and the tumors in my bladder and prostate had shrunk by over 50%. I then did 42 radiation treatments, every weekday for 9 weeks. 3 months later after a radiation " cool down" we did the scans and found that the cancer was gone. The oil does work.

When the oil is done ( and still warm), it should be the consistancy of pudding. When it cools, it is like tar or thick grease and very hard to dispense in the syringe. I too mix it 50-50 with hemp seed oil so that it can be dispensed in drops. That works the best IMO. Since you are using everclear, it isn't as important to boil off ALL the alcohol. If using Iso alcohol, it is very important to evaporate all the iso. When all the bubbles are gone, and stay gone, the alcohol is gone.

Once you mix in the hemp seed oil and stir vigorously for 5 minutes or more, you should be good to go. This oil should be kept in the refrigerator because of the hemp seed oil that needs to be kept cold.

Good luck, and don't give up. It will help make your dad feel better. I don't blame him one bit for wanting to keep his body parts.

May God bless him and guide you to helping him cure himself.


on edit: I still take the hemp oil two times per week just as a maintenance dose to help keep the cancer from coming back. I like the calming effects of the oil anyways. The buzz tends to last 5-6 hrs for me.
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