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Hi everyone. I will be starting my first real room soon and just had a few questions. I think I will have two rooms, one for veg and one for flower. If I wanted to do 6x6 for the flowering room would 3 600w hps be enough light? Hom many plants could I fit in a space that big? How big would I need to make the veg room? Could I provide enough light to all the plants that would fit in a 6x6 flowering room with 1 600w mh in the veg room? And I will be dealling with some serious heat issues. It can get upwards of 115 F in the summer where I live. The rooms will be in a bigger room...can I use that to my advantage? Any other advice would be very much appreciated!
hey there westrider :welcome:

I am a newbie as well,, but am in the middle of building a room,, (you can check it out here)

anyways, most people here will say 50 watts/sq ft,, so 6x6 = 36 sq ft x 5- = 1800 watts,, so your 3 600's should be good..

I cannot help you on how big to make a veg room.. but for a fyi, I am building a 8x8 room, and in it will be a 2x3 cabinet that I plan on using for veg...

if your two rooms will be in a bigger room,, air condition the bigger room to provide a buffer from the 115 degree heat outside..

also don't forget about ventilation to the rooms,, (something I never thought of before reading about it here) I think you want to shoot for 1 air change a minute...
Thanks HZ! Checked out the room....I'm inspired to say the least. Do you plan on only 2 plants for your 600w? And I never thought about being able to run all of the equipment untill I was looking around here. Do you think I could run 4 600w lights and the ventilation needed on regular outlets in my garage. Look foward to following the room!
I plan on putting 2 girls into flower every 2 weeks, until I got 10 in there,, then I should be able to harvest 2 girls every 2 weeks,, (well that is the plan anyways..) and I only plan on running a 400w and a 600 w light in flower..

the veg cab will be split into two levels,, the top for cloning and seedlings,, then the bottom shelf for the rest of veg,, then out into flower room... I don't know if I will be able to do it or not,, but it will be worth the try..

as for running everything,, add up the amps, to see what you will be drawing from the circuit.. the lumatek 600w digital ballast I just got uses just over 5 amps, the fan uses 1 amp, the 150 hps is about 3 amps, and the little fans in the veg cab are about 0.15 amps, I am using 2 15 amp circuits to distribute the power load.... the fan I got was a 6inch, 435 cfm fan using 120 watts and 1 amp... so with a little planning,, I think you should be able to...
Has anyone used the RECIPE FOR SUCCESS by Technaflora? If so what was your results? And after all the reading I'm still debating on 600w or 400w for veg room....I would like to grow 20-30 plants but can't tell if thats over doing it for the space and lights...
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