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I need help


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I have 8 4" inch tall white widow plants. I am brand new at this. Im using a 600 watt metal hilide bulb with cal meg nutrients in my water. I would like to keep them short with big buds. My ? is when do i start clipping and how or where on the plant do i do it. Can somone please help me?:yummy::yummy:


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Re: I need help.

You could start them on a 12/12 from the start and they wont get to much over a foot tall there are pros and cons to this and you may want to reed up on it to see if its for you . A good journal i read to learn of this was Boss's 12/12 Day 60 >
Another idea would be to search the forms for How-To : LST (Low Stress Training)
here is a great page on pruning 420 Magazine ®
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