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i NEED help!


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hi my name is zack i just started growing for the firs time my set up dident cost but 20$ i need help i have three thriving plants i give them light 8 hours a day and spray them down three times a day there at least 5in but all i have is 4 sprouting leaves and stalk i dont know if its just to erly its been about 4weeks do i need more light or more water or what ?:adore:


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Re: i NEED help!!!!!!

Yes, you need more light. Much more light. About 12 hours more. And if the whole setup cost $20, I gotta wonder what kind of light you're using to begin with.

Are you watering them, or just misting them? Are you using any nutrients in the water, or just plain tap water?

I gotta say go read posts in the Grow Room. They will help you a lot.
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Re: i NEED help!!!!!!

Go git yurself some Compact Florescents at Home depot for 10 bucks each. 100Watt daylight spectrum bulbs. Very bright and will make them thicken up. Surf this site and the net for free grow guides.

If your not on a very tight budget............spring for somethin bigger. Check Ebay. Good deals there on grow lights.

Read the Grow Journals Here on 420!! ITS FREE Invaluable Real Time Lessons on what to do and what not to do. Learn from others successes and mistakes. Its the shit Mon.

Good Luck !!

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