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I need help!


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This is my first grow ever, I just got these two plants from a friend and I just transplanted them from rooting cubes to soil. I used an even mixture of Fox Farms and Happy Frog Soil and watered with an unknown mixture of nutrients he fixed and said would be appropiate. From what it looks like my Blackberry is doing a little better, but we both can see that my other girl is suffering. I started to look at them and they both have mites so I sprayed with SmokeyMacPot's 1/2 teaspoon dishwashing liquid, 1/4 teaspoon cooking oil, & 1 quart warm water pesticide solution. I told my friend about the recipe and he suggested I added 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder and a little hot sauce so I did with very little hot sauce. I did and this is what they look like in Day 3 after trying this solution (rinsed approx 40 min after spraying). I dont think my L.A. Conf. is wilting due to the solution because I notice it before spraying.

Strain: Blackberry/ L.A. Confidential
Indica/Sativa: ???
Plant #: 2
Stage: Veggie for 3 days
Medium: Fox Farms & Happy Frog Soil (1:1 ratio)
Location: Indoor Cabinet
Size: 3 gal grow bag(using approx 3/4 gal)
Light: 430 HPS 18/6 Night On/Day off
Ventilation: 2 4 inch Duct Fans
Temp: ???
Pests: Spider Mites
Watering: Once 3 days ago & flushed today
Fertilizer: Yes ???
Size of Garden: 1.5ft x 3ft x 5ft

Blackberry Problem- Thin leaves, spider mites/mite damage, tips of leaves are black, & yellow curled leaves on bottom of stem
Blackberry Day 1

Blackberry(Side View) Day 3

L.A. Conf. Problem- Wilting leaves, sider mites/mite damage, tips of leafs are black, & yellow leaves on bottom of stem
L.A. Confidential Day 3

Action Taken- Introduced insecticide(home made mixture & yellow fly strip), slightly trimmed yellow lower leaves, and flushed out medium with distilled water.

Blackberry Day 3

This is what she used to look like 3 days ago...
L.A. Confidential Day 1



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Re: I need heeeelp!!!

If it were me I would throw the plants out, clean your environment thoroughly and start over. Why bring infested plants into your grow area? Sorry but that just seems like a terrible idea.

They are not that big you could be back there in no time with healthy plants grown correctly from scratch.

If you are hell bent on sticking through..

Get azatrol and apply as suggested. Expensive but more effective then that special sauce you are whipping up.

Do not feed your plants "with an unknown mixture of nutrients" ever.

Do your homework and mix your own nutes, ph adjust, and feed. It is really hard for us to help you if you don't even know what you are giving your plants.

Your plants are in severe stress and wont be growing anytime real soon. You need to address the stress and allow them to recover before they even start to grow. This is why I think at this stage it is a complete waste of time to sort out their issues. Dispose of, clean and start over. And dont ever bring infested plants, people, animals into your grow area man.


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Re: I need heeeelp!

I understand that is what most people told me to do, I just really want to keep these strains and the little bastards already got to my clones so if I just throw these away then it was all in vain. But after I flushed and treated again, today they look a whole lot better than they did at day 3 (especially L.A. Conf.). I also cleaned out everything and separated some of my clones that were still kicking. I will keep you posted on new developments and I will post some pics.
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