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I start today


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today i move them to a rockwool from cotton wool they are stel seeds with litle shoot.
i pot them in biodoom antel they have 2-3 floor and good roots.
so far what you thinking?
they now in dark room and pleasant ther and insid litle damp.
when it will be ready i move them to anter area withe good condition
(temp, air, light -mh and hps,waterfarm ,and reflect light )
and air conditioner for quiet and for make all the condition of the air (control )
patience even though thet i worried thet something happen to them.
its stress until they start to be strong.
they weak and sensitive in this time .
this is the reason thet they die to me before a few days


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Re: i start today........

:hmmmm:well i dont know and i dont rimmber........
its not my first grow but....
and everyone i start from seeds.
today its they 5 days when they whent out from the seeds.
as i say jast 2 whent out and one dont yet :hmmmm:
i lokk inside its look ok seed and little tail (is tike the time i think)
but "i dont rimmberhow it was in the last grow"?
its tike the sime time? if i put them ander folrsent or mh? and from which day?
i look at the journal at my gallery and the its look ok and ander mh but from which day i dont rimmber? :hmmmm:
i jast worry ti them in this days antil they become stronger .
i put them stand thet they dont fall down .
they didnt start to take out roots yet :adore:
the tep ther is 28 and the humidity is 40
and the room is shaded

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Re: i start today........

Increase the light on your babies and that should help strengthen the stem. Don't fret that you have forgotten since your last grow cos we can walk you through it.
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