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I swear I got my weed high


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Ok . So I'm pretty fucked up right now . I was sitting in my car baking out and I had a 1/4 of ounce . I grab my bong with a nice ice catcher and put some weed in and :roorrip:

Now , half way through my experience , I stop and think ... wait , what if I can get my weed high with me , and the next time I smoke it , it becomes super weed ? And by smoking that I'll have super powers and become Weed Man .

So , I smoke some more and exhale into my bag of cannabis after each hit , and I swear my weed was getting high with me (by this time I was obliterated, and still am) and we both went on a journey of floating . That fact that I remember this is pretty cool . My high on a 1-10 scale , is an 11 .

Wish you all happy smoking !


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You're probably just resonating it - will get you high, but there are health concerns - seach for the 'smoking resin' thread for details.

If you really want to do this, you can get metal screw-together pipes with 'stash' chambers from most head shops. When you smoke, it gets pulled through the stash chamber, quickly resonating the contents.

The taste of the resonated contents is better than smoking straight resin, but I still don't recommend it for health reasons: smoking resin is bad for you, as is smoking from metal pipes. You'll also be ruining the taste of your Herb.

Everyone has to do it their own way to find what works for them. Best of luck!


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Well my journey didnt go as planned yesterday lol but i enjoyed my high regardless :)
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