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i the law kills a person's spirit, they kill that person


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my hubby had two major health challenges but he did well for the last ten years. being able to take his ATV up into the forest kept reviving him and gave him peace and vitality. being able to get a medical marijuana card and vaporize his meds enabled him to keep away most of the pain, nausea and discomfort caused by the medication.
and then it happened: two blows trough which the law killed my husband: new regulations which forbid people with ATVs to use the forest trails. he became depressed. the other was when the cops raided our property because a friend grew too many plants and i was unaware because i am 74 and don't go much into our forested garden. so they locked up my hubby and me and the other guy for 7 hours and interrogated us. in the end we weren't charged with anything but the county police threatened me with confiscation of my home. i panicked and almost had a heart attack. my hubby was deeply affected by this. within the following 3 months he deterriorated and landed in hospital. he never came back. he died of a broken heart at age 65. nobody got charged with murder. only God knows, and He will be the judge over the people who caused my hubby's death.
clobber someone's spirit and you will also be judged with his death. an alltocommon crime which is not punished while we are here on earth. yet eternally there is a judgement.
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