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I think I found mildew on my weed


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I usually leave my grinder in a bowl in a tin, but the bowl usually fills with water because I usually forget to drain my water pipe. I just grinned up my weed 2 or 3 days ago and I leave it in the grinder. I went to look in my grinder (Which is in the same bowl that fills with water) and the grinder was very cold. I opened it up and it had white specs of something on it. The buds looked more brown and not as green as it did 2 days ago, and it had fluffy looking white stuff on it, it kind of reminds me of spiderwebs. I stired it around and the white went away but it was still brown. I smoked it anyways without thinking. After being curious I googled what this might be and I found people saying its mildew or mold. What happens if this is smoked? Could this be bad? My throat is starting to hurt as if I got something stuck in my throat.

Lester Freeman

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Smoking fungus is not good for your respiratory system. Make sure that you get fresh air and drink water to help the breathing.

Any weed that has fungus growing on it should be thrown in the trash.

We just live 'n learn. :Namaste:
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