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I wanna move to CALIFORNIA!


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Can anyone recommend a good safe spot in Cali that has a good medical marijuana program and is ideal to raise a family. I would prefer to live near the cannabis culture and dispenseries, but all is good. I'm lookin for a cheap house or apartment (2br/1b min.) for rent. Can you help?:hmmmm:


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Moving you and your family all the way across the country is a big step just to get better marijuana. Dedication.


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beensmokin lemme tell u if u plan to live in california its going to be really expensive especially for housing, plan to live in the L.A and northern california areas and try to stay away from southern cali way too $$$$, but good luck if you do move out here.... peace!


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Moving you and your family all the way across the country is a big step just to get better marijuana. Dedication.

Honestly marijuana isnt really in the top three reasons why I would move to cali, its just a big bonus. It is somewhat of a factor because I will need it for my back condition but I just love how there is so much in cali to do compared to my town. People over there seem so much more laid back about things. I want my daughter to have more options growing up cause i didnt and cali is BIG so there are plenty of options. I'm not mr. expert when it comes to cali so feel free to enlighten me on anything. Thanks for the comments.

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Cheap isn't in the vocabulary when talking about housing in Cali.

LA area and SF area are were clubs are most abundant, but there is a list here on this site with info on the locations of most clubs.

Check out all the info on cali and medical marijuana here by using the search button. So much info here.

Read, read, read the info you find here, and you will be able to make the best decision for you and your family.

Just don't forget to bring your wallet, because you are going to be paying up the nose to live here.

But...there's no where else I'd rather be, than Californieeeeeeeeeeeee!


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We'll i live in souther cali..
my area a lil crazy..but there are plenty of cities around here that are very calm and nice...
check out the san gabriel valley area online o somethin..
the med. dispenseries are bout 15-20 min away from my area...
so it aint that bad..
there is alot of really good marijuana in cali...
so you'll never be dry...


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Me & my wife are in northern Calif~~very nice here~~good luck with rent~~its jus like everyone says~~kinda $$$~~we have good clubs here where we live~~the smoke is good~~California welcomes you!


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I'm planning on making a move out there within a year myself so if anyone can give me some good info I would appreciate it. I was around fremont and the south bay area visiting some friends about a month ago.. first time out west and all I can say is wow I absolutely love it out there. ahaha What sold me was the scenary. I don't know if anyone here has hiked Mission Peak is fremont but that was a pretty cool experience. I left my heart in San Francisco and I'm making another trip soon already because I love northern california that much. :allgood:


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ya, i wanna go to san fran 2!...

been in southern cali for like 17 years..
farthest ive gone up north was Visalia...
close to Fresno...

i can say its pretty cheap down there..
$850 a month.
apartment. 3 bedrooms 2 restrooms.


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Thats not bad at all for 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, I was just thinking about getting a one bedroom place for myself maybe this comming summer into fall. San Fran is a beautiful city man.. I got so many good vibes when I was there thats why I'm going back again already haha Santa cruz is beautiful too and is a really chill place just a lot more to live there..


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I live in Santa Cruz CA. I rent a one room cottage, for $750 pm.
It is 12'x15'. The house next door to me, sold for $1.5mil, and the people who bought it, only visit it, 3 times a year.

However, it's an incredibly enlightened place, with a great MM program. If And I am not mistaken, UCSC is highly rated. However, it is rapidly becoming a much wealthier place. And while the politics seem enlightened, those who truly hold power, are the very rich.

I don't think that there is anything cheap or livable, that is also close to a dispensary. ie: SF, Oakland, Santa Cruz.

Try this list if ya want.
Cannabis Patients' Cooperatives

Hey, what state are you in now? If ya don't mind me askin'.


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Anywhere in the Bay Area is awesome. The SF Bay that is. We get really good weather, good jobs, nice people. Altho it can get pretty expensive. The cheapest place I know of is about $900 for a 2 bed appartment. About getting to the clubs. The bay area has some of the best bud in the world, plus good public transportation. I just catch the train to the med dispencerys. It is quick and cheap. I live in the south bay near san jose and go to oakland or san fransico for only 3.50.


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ima plan a trip to the bay...

all this talk..
is gettin to me..
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