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Icemann420 Seedsman And Max Bloom Grow

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Hey Iceman! Pheno here, pulling up a chair.
I have some catching up to do, but I noticed you're growing the GelatOG from Seedsman. They have given me some really nice plants for free.

I got some of those on the way, as well as some Lemon Zkittlez (fem LV Lemon Skunk x Zkittlez) from Dutch Passion I'll be growing these next after my current run is done it's a lot OG sounds so good though I'm really curious about that one

Anyway cheers and hope all is well so far!
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Welcome @Phenoman all is well so far. I can post pictures later. All 3 plants have roots protruding from the buckets. I’m happy so far. I to increased the light height by 3 inches today the Brooklyn sunrise is looking funny I’m thinking maybe light intensity or genetics of the particular seed.
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The BSA has always looked funny from sprout. But the growth is showing that she wants to grow herse a new set of leaves starting on her we will see how they look but I’m confident in the Brooklyn sunrise to grow out of it. No sacrifice no victory. The ww#2 was toped and I’ve bin adjusting her leaves to make her grow more uniform. The two white widow’s are definitely growing more tightly. The gelatog is more on the taller side and more branchy. With a slower root growth Bucket temp 65* room temperature 77* light is on 18/6 with 60%veg and 10%bloom. I made a oops with there first buckets I mixed them at 3 gallon when they should have only bin 2 gallon so ppm was like 700 so I mixed in 2 more gallon of ro was and finalized then between the 3 buckets. :cool: The bsa hasn’t bin given any base nutrients. Just cal-mag plus and rapid start. I’ll feed her Friday with all the other plants when they get there buckets changed.
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