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Icemann420 Seedsman And Max Bloom Grow

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Thanks @InTheShed & @Pennywise. At this age they start to grow fast. It’s bin a treat figuring out this light due to the extreme amount of heat it puts off low humidity high temperatures with a major fluctuations during lights off. But I’ve figured it out. Lower the bucket raise the light and turn up the power. Hahaha. 100% veg 10 %bloom and a 55 w air pump and I’m only pulling 121 watts. It seams kinda crazy to be that low. And the light is that hot. I think all the intensity is due to the magnifying lenses over the led’s.


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That's crazy that your light is hot. Mine is quite cool compared to the cheap blurples I have. My board only tent runs warmer than the tent with this in it. Guess its from the extra panels/driver and no additional cooling fan. That makes the difference between my x4 and your x6. Or is it the Cree components in mine that keep the operating temps down?
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Regardless of the heat. The light is amazing. Everytime you change part of your setup there is always going to be a difference to correct. I’ve always made small changes and not all at once over a couple days. To see if the one variable change has made a positive or negative effect. It’s kinda like tuning a carburetor. Once you turn the screw you have to drive her around for a day or two the see how it likes it. Haha and you definitely need correcting lenses to be in the room with that light after a few minuets my head starts to hurt and after I leave the room everything is all messed up in my vision. @MaxBloom you should give glasses with this crazy light. I can only imagine what the bigger light can do.
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I think it helps in early stages of growth with the reflection on the lower leaves. And it also keeps the light out. Or the bucket. The light penetration goes straight through a untapped bucket.
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Looking good Ice. Post a pic of my Gelatog later she's thriving in her perlite/hempy pot so far. Try include the germ date so we can watch yours leave her in the dust later hahaha. Our own little comparative if you will. Hydro vs Hempy :rollit: