Icemud's LED Grow With Advanced LED XTE 300 Series With EX-Veg 200

OK... so I got the blue dream, ogiesel and GSC put into jars for curing, and weighed....

I still have 1 plant left to trim and jar... the churchberry...

I don't think I am going to hit 1GPW...but already with the 5 plants weighed, I am hitting a total of 340.9g and still have to add in the Churchberry in which I probably will trim up either tomorrow or the following day. I just started a new job today!!! HOORAY!!! but this leaves me getting used to a new sleep schedule so it will have to wait until maybe wednesday when I have caught up on sleep :)

So far here are the plant harvest dry weight totals....

Blue Dream: 76.6g
Ogiesel: 70g
Purple Urkle 53.2g
Churchberry: ??????

So this right now would leave me at .68 grams per watt... and with the churchberry.... it may be my best G/W yet.

The blue dream could have turned out much better, the smell and buds look amazing, but since it was buried under the other plants and very confined to a small space, a lot of the lower buds didn't get enough light because the plant was growing in an area about 1/2 the size it should have been, so I imagine that the yield would have been double and the buds would have been much thicker if I only grew 3 plants instead of 6 in my tent... but the smell and look is amazing!

The ogiesel is my best turn out yet in terms of smell and bud density... I've never had such thick and dense buds from the Ogiesel yet, so a huge plus for the advanced LED lights :)

I will post some photos tomorrow of the harvested and dried buds... I'm super tired from waking up at 5am when usually I am going to sleep around then... so it will have to wait until tomorrow :)
Happy 2015 & congrats on your recent harvests Ice...
ok Ice, where the fook is our onshore breeze, im at 32% humidity and dropping wtf................. where is my towel..

Yea man... in the 8 years I've lived in Socal... I don't ever remember this long of a dry spell... Its been like 3 weeks of low humidity... with a few days break.... I'm glad I harvested when I did... yikes... I hope the humidity comes back soon :)
Congratz Ice:bravo:12oz already and one more to go.....yes sir....great harvest:)......cant wait to see the next batch:).....have you figured out how many you are gonna flower next seems you were debating on 3 or 6

Hey Green Dreamz!! yea it was a pretty nice harvests from this grow... I still haven't debated whether I am going to do 3 plants or 6. Started a new job this week so my focus has been all in learning the new job and haven't given much thought to how I am going to flower these next ones yet... I think I actually might kill off my mystery kush since i really didn't like it a whole lot and replace it with something else like my harlequin or GSC again...but we will see :) still have some time to decide :)
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