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Idea: Is it mine? Auto fill reservior using tiolet tank float ?

Long Time Toker

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Has anyone ever thought of using a toilet tank float to auto fill your DWC reservoir? I've searched the threads and haven't found anything.


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they make floats for animal troughs that would work good maybe?? they are like 10 bucks, easyer then the toilet tank thing i would think...

Baja Big Dog

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I have a float system o my secondary resi, since going to R/O, with ungodly slow water production, I had to set up a float system, as far as using it on the main resi, I would be concerned about the PH issues.

Is your plan to just keep the level up before a complete change out? If so you might be OK if your only adding small amounts of water, unless you are blessed with perfectly PH'ed water.
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