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Ideas for storing pre-ground flower


420 Folks.......... Do any of you grind up enough flower to use for say an entire week?

I have a Pax 3 that I like using in the evenings during the week, but find myself not taking the time to grind up a nug or two in favor of cartridge/vaporizer collection due to the leftover flower.

Have any of you used a small mason jar with a Boveda pack to store your pre-ground flower for a week or so?

Sure would be nice to just pop open a jar and fill a bowl.

Looking for some ideas!


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For a week. My weed wouldn't dry out that much that I need to worry about it in a week. Storing nugs long term.... Yes. But for ground up nugs.... I leave it laying on my coffee table all week long... If I can restrain from smoking it all


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I have a lasagna dish on the coffee table. I usually like what goes into the bong or vapourizer a little drier anyway.

Since you ask...The Bovida packs are great. I've used them with success for a couple years now. The 62% for curing, then in a couple months, switch over to the 58% packs.

Cheers @Untchbl


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I use preground and store in small round metal screw top tins .... 5g for compressed pucks and 15g for preground. Keeps fresh and being alloy with a lid seal are smell proof to humans.


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I would say don't worry. I often grind up enough to last a week/month and keep it in a small sealable container, it seems to work just fine. Otherwise I often avoid messing about getting the grinder out to grind fresh bud and instead break it up by hand, I do both, but lately have gone back to pre-grinding. I have just harvested 3 varieties that I am testing/comparing, it makes it a lot easier to simply make my choice and reach for the appropriate pre-ground container!
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