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Identify my issue


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Do you use tap water or RO? If RO def add a little calmag, and cut those fan leaves in half. If it is calmag, once you supplement the new growth shouldn’t show any additional signs. It doesn’t look too serious to me so don’t stress yourself out over it just yet. Just add some CM and see if it resolves it. My $.02

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No clue on those nutes

You going full strength with them?

Pretty small to be that burnt. How old are they

I'd drop the pH to 6.0 or lower
Go some 1.5 strength calmag
Be sure yer max at half strength nutes

How's the water look and roots, pics would be great
Any Goopies in the water, or settling nutes on the bottom

Any enzyme cleaners like hydroguard or z7 or z9 outside of the USA

1st grow? Or have u done it before

Just noticed two plants in one net pot, why?
Did u spill nutes or something on the one?

How far is water below the net pot?


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First pic: just noticed issue.
2nd pic: 2 days later.
Current culture Nutrients
Feed 1 time a week
Deep water culture
Temp 68 F
PH 6.2 stable
EC .35
2nd week of nutrient cycle

Magnesium deficiency??? Epsom salt help
I don't do DWC, but to my understanding the ph should be 5.8 or 5.9...I use a ph of 6.3 in my soil...sounds like she's not able to feed...you shouldn't be having problems with a baby for the first 3 weeks anyway cuz the cotyledons feed them...:peace::goodluck:


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Didn’t spill nutes LoL!
Not a first timer
I have designed a recirculated DWC on steroids it’s 1000 gallon system plenty of bubbles multiple disc air diffusers I used a quarter recommended nutes because of the air I have being put into the system PH is per my nutes recommendations per week and I’m in the first week of veg. The girls are not that small I have 12” net pots got them together till I finish the next system I have LED lights I built per research on wave lengths and lighting I posted this because it was weird to have a few girls showing signs like this but others are doing great in the same system I bumped up cal mag today also increased increases pump flow as well as dropped my PH to 5.9 we will see thanks for the input....
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