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Plant of the Month: Third Place Winner
To votehemp.com, it not only would help the guys at votehemp to fund litigation around the country, but it would also help get a message to OBAMA, so that at least by his second term , he will have been informed enough as well as the governors and senators, that HEMP will be the next viable crop that will replace our need for foreign imports on all energy aspects. It will also create jobs in this frozen economy.
There are not alot of organizations that DO take the time genuine time to inform all walks of life about hemp and why it needs to be LEGAL for farmers to grow NOW. Farmers are suffering at the hands of the government right now. Farmers haven't made a profit for at least 20 years, since I last helped farm wheat with my grandpa. Even then the profit was negligible. Imagine if farmers chose to grow hemp instead of corn for ethanol. Ethanol / corn only depleted the soil and takes more and more of our precious resource , water.
Hemp takes hardly any! Doesn't need pesticides or fertilizers. Grows wild all over the nation especially in Ks, Co, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas and Kentucky. Mainly because of old railroads that used to run thru these rurual communities, where the hemp was loaded and unloaded and some just fell off the wagon. literally. Hence the wild "DITCH WEED"" in Kansas. This state has some of the best soil for growing hemp, wild hemp grows on my farm.

THis is an emergency! WE needed hemp yesterday~ not in 10 years. THis makes this situation a dire emergency and needs to be looked at as if it were the cure for cancer. Which it really is , in an economical and political way.

votehemp is ONE HUGE way to get this done fast! No , I do not work for them nor represent them! But I donate to them as well as Mpp.org. They need funds now. And if everyone donated to them just 5$. Imgagine how much funds they would have to help litigate each states law on industrial hemp, or not to mention the FEDERAL level of which Obama has to be informed on.

Personally I do have some vested interest in this movement, as I own a huge farm and am dreamiing everyday of farming industrial hemp , instead of wheat and corn which mutates the soil to a disasterous level and takes an exponential amount of water.

The only problem is DUPONT the chemical/pharm company will not allow this to happen so easily. So we will need the constitution of organizations like votehemp to bolster our countereaction to Dupont and the oil , timber and cotton industries in general.

Imagine 5$ x 15,000= 75,000$ that would go to jumpstarting a new hemp based "GREEN ECONOMY". hemp is the way of the future.
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