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If you are a medical marijuana patient read this please


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Everyone has a different reason for turning to medical marijuana. Some symptoms may be similar, but everyone's circumstance is unique. I posted a petition a few weeks back concerning medical marijuana and evictions from federal housing. This situation is similar for many would be medical marijuana patients, but must refrain from relief for fear of losing their housing. Medical marijuana shouldn't make you lose your home. Choosing the safer and more effective medicine should be the right of any person regardless of situation or circumstance. Here is the link again, I ask that you please sign and share this petition so more patients will have access to medical marijuana. Any of us could fall on hard times or have fallen on hard times and may need assistance, don't deny patients access for a hardship. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/allow-medical-marijuana-patients-reside-federal-housing-or-receive-federal-assistance/jVcHTcDJ
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