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If you couls only pick ONE fertalizer for flowering, which one would you pick?

Gummy Bear

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In a soil grow if you only have money for one fertalizer during the flowering stage, which one would you pick?

Of course I would go with a 420 sponsored one, but which one?

I does not matter if it is organic or not.

Was thinking about tiger bloom maybe.

Which ONE would you pick?

Gummy Bear

New Member
I do not mean just one for the entire gorw. I am looking for one for the flowering stage in particular.

I see lots of people use different things, so I was wondering if you had to pick ONE for the flowering/blooming stage, which fert would you pick?

For example, Tiger Bloom is one or maybe Grow Big.

Dr. Hornsby used to make one called Big Bud that I hear is nice.

What ONE fert for flowering would you recommend?


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If you start using OC+ in flower I think you will have a problem, the first stage is N. It is time release and staged so each layer is a different nutrient.

If you mean one flowering nute, we need to know if you want organic or chemical. The other thing some people add during flower is a carbo fert, like bud candy, molasses ect.

Fox farm uses both Tiger bloom and Big Bloom during flower, that and some bug candy or molasses and you should be set. (I have only read these things not used them)
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