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If you have a vaporizer box please Help


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I just got this vaporizer and it works i think. Just got a few Q's

1. If you vape schwag outta it does it taste like peanuts or bad sunflower seeds? Mine just taste kinda harsh

2. What does vapor look like? is it smoke like?

3. Can you feel the vapor go down and see it when you exhale?



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Vaping shwag will taste like a lot of weird things. Honestly, I've never done it but I can imagine it might not be pleasant.
Vapor looks like, well, vapor. Its less dense than smoke, escapes from your mouth a lot easier (don't talk while vaping), and should behave like water vapor. A good example is like seeing your breath when its really cold out, though its not exactly like that (but thats about what the vapor's consistency should be).
You should be able to feel it, though it shouldn't be harsh, really. You should be able to see it when you exhale, though it may be kind of faint. Try exhaling towards a light source.

My advice would be to invest into some nicer buds. You might as well. I've never tried your exact vape by the looks of it, but usually those box vapes are pretty good. I decided to get a Volcano, though, and it does the vaping for me.
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