If You Have Grown Tangerine Dream Autos Please Chime In?


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My first "Autoflower" grow consist of 2 Tangerine Dream and 2 Blueberries, Im into about the 9th week now and am super pleased thus far with growth, color, and healthy stout flowers/buds. The situation I need help with is that for my education I topped/LSTed 1 of each plant and only used LST on the other 2. The TD I topped started flowering before the other 3 at 4 weeks, it is VERY dark green and has been the whole time and has VERY fat appealing buds,, but doesn't at all look like the matching not topped TD with different bud formations.

The other 3 plants all started flowering same time but about 10 days later. I got my seeds from "Growers Choice" and had no issues with price or delivery time, but am wondering if they happened to give me a wrong seed that isn't Tangerine Dream. I took one pic with grow lighting and one in natural light as best I could to show the color difference. The pix are of the topped and un-topped TD's. Can anyone please tell which one most resembles their TD's as far as leaf color and bud formation?Thanks for your time as always guys!

Tan Dark.JPG

Tan Lite.JPG
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