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Iguana Juice smell


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Hi, everybody. I haven't posted in a while so lets see how is goes.

I used to use Iguana Juice grow/bloom and always got great results, several cycles ago I decided to try other nutrients so I switched to Sensi grow/bloom + Big Bud + overdrive and the results were pretty much the same. I decided to go back to Iguana Juice so two days ago I bought some and applied it to the res.

Now here's the deal, although Iguana Juice always had a different and distinct smell it wasn't too strong or bad, but know it is really fishy! you open up the tent or touch the water and there's a marked and strong fish smell so I'm worried that the smell will carry into the buds one they form (I'm just 3 days into flowering) and I definitely don't want fish smelling buds!

Does anyone here grows using Iguana, experienced this strong fishy smell but got normal smelling and tasting buds?
Might it be that since my RH levels are a bit high (checked 5 min ago during lights off and RH was about 71%) then the smell is particularly noticeable? i.e. if I manage to lower the RH the smell will be like I remember it?

basically I'm just worried about fish tasting buds.

any input would be greatly appreciated!

Also, what's your opinion on using Big Bud + Overdrive along with Iguana Juice? I've been using those with Sensi but since Iguana is organic I don't know if it's a good idea to mix them or it doesn't really matter.

Well thank again to anyone who can help me out.



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Re: Iguana Juice smell.

Hi, Blueballavngr.
Can't argue with you there, if it affected the product negatively then nobody would use certain nutrients.
However manure does affect the smell and taste of the buds, at least here sometimes you come accross bag weed that actually smells like crap because that's what they use as fertilizer in the fields. I don't smoke that crap anymore but my friends do. Growing is very illegal here so you can't just go and buy a ton of nutrients and go unnoticed, plus the cost would be very high.

I did some reading regarding this issue and there are several testimonies that this nutrient solution does have a fishy smell but that it doesn't affect the buds, except for one case where the guy mentioned that he cut a sample and it did smelled a little fishy, but it could have been an isolated event.

Anyways, I'm a little more confident continuing with Iguana, I always do 3 weeks of flushing so that should get rid of any remaining smell. Although I would love to know why the previous bottles I bought didn't smell like that.

Any opinions on using Iguana Bloom (weeks 1-7) + Big Bud (weeks 2-4) + Overdrive (weeks 5-7) --> flush (weeks 8-10).

Thank you!
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