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IL gov introduces bill to legalize recreational

I suppose I should be happy but the proposal is long on social justice which is ok and imposes arbitrary and unrealistic limits on possession. Why Gov Pritzker wants to limit possession for residents and restrict non- residents is beyond me. So the change is largely a half measure toward true legalization. A resident caught with more than the limits would still be criminalized.

Allows for 5 plants per household also provided all the usual privacy and security measures are met. I’m hoping the bill is amended to delete the limits on possession. I do believe I read somewhere that citizens that choose to grow would be exempted from the possession limits.
Update Mon 5-13 sponsors of the above mentioned legalize law no say theres a solid chance that only medical people will be allowed to homegrow 5 plants. What cowards. This law is getting worse all the time. Either legalize it completely or go away already. Predetermined posession limits, homegrow prohibition? What a stinker of a law.
This being IL I wonder if some of the wealthy cannabis growers bribed the politicians. With licenses to grow priced at $30k and up and now a prohibition on homegrow the little entrepreneurs will be priced out of the market.
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