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Ilikebike's Soil Bagseed Grow 2011


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What strain is it?
Not sure the strain, they are seeds that i have been collecting for a few months, i made sure to germinate the ones that were darker in color and had a small "zig-zag" on it.

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
I guess in in the veg stage, but i just germinated my seeds

If in Veg... For how long?
Not sure, probly a few weeks? this is my first real grow so i am going to need some pointers.

Indoor or outdoor?

Soil or Hydro?
If soil... what is in your mix?
Not sure yet, was just going to buy some potting soil at lowels
If soil... What size pot?
Im going to start the seedlings out in 8oz plaistic cups then move them to 4.5'' terracotta pots when they start to stretch.

Size of light?
400watt hps

Is it aircooled?

Temp of Room/cab?
not sure right now, its in a crawl space in my room, it gets hot in the summer but i am going to ventilate through the downstairs bathroom fan/vent

RH of Room/cab?
Not sure what this is?

PH of media or res?
uknown right now, i am not sure how to test ph levels

Any Pests ?
its in a crawl space so im sure there is a few bugs but not like being outdoors

How often are you watering?
when i see a sprout i will probly use a small amount of water and water them every other day or every 2 days

Type and strength of ferts used?

Not sure yet

I just started to germinate my seeds in a ceramic coffee mug with some luke warm water and covered it with a plate and stuck it up in closet (temp stays pretty level in there) i put 7 seeds in the water, assuming that some of them wont germinate. I plan on planting 4 of the seeds but if all 7 sprout im going to plant them all. the grow room i am working with doesn't have alot of vertical space but plenty of horizontal room. i layed down some plywood across the runners and chained up my 400 watt hps light so that i can adjust the height. Their is a vent fan in the grow spot for the downstairs bathroom and it vents out through a pipe in the roof. i assume this will be ideal for ventilation of my room i just need to figure out how to do it. I will also be getting a digital thermometer to monitor the temp and i will put a small fan in there to strength the plant and for added ventilation. I will post some pictures up in the near future so you can see what i am working with.

a few questions:

What soil should i start with?
How often should i water my seedlings?
Should i veg with flourus or can i keep my hps light?
How much light should the seedlings get?

Im sure i will have some more questions as i go on with this. thanks for any help and sorry if i left any valuble information out. :439:


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Hi ilikebike,

Hope your grow goes well for you.

I use an all-mix soil for my plants, but I start them off in jiffy pellets then move them in to soil once the start to get their first set of leaves.

I water mine once the soil is dry. I have read if you put your finger into the soil and the soil sticks to your finger they dont need watering but if nothing sticks, its time to water. I also try and tell by the weight of the pot. I started with a weak nute solution aswell.

I started with a CFL 125w lightfor the first couple of weeks then switched to a 400w MH bulb and when it is time for flowering I use a 600w HPS. I think HPS is better for flowering and MH is better for veg due to the colour they give off "Im new to this".

With lighting I gave mine 18 on 6 off but I have seen people do 24/0.

Hope some of that can help


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ok got some pictures

These (vents) run along one side of my grow room they let fresh air in from the outside.

These are pictures of the bathroom fan/vent that goes out the roof, im thinking i can just get a splitter for that tube and use that as my exhust.



These next pictures are of the corner of the crawl space i am going to use to grow, i am going to line the walls with tin foil and hang a chain 2 chains from over head and let the light sit horizontally instead of vertically (to save on space)





The 400 watt HPS light



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heres the pots and soil, used some kind of organic and natural mircle grow potting soil, said their was no chemicals in it, it was dark and rich and had alot of good compost in it. i put a layer of small stones on the bottom of the pot for drainage. going out to the store today to gather supplies, ill post pics later


Some bomb bud i just got


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Good luck on the bagseeds! I found a bag seed that looked like it was in really good shape the other day in a bag of Chem Dawg I got at the dispensary. Unfortunately it never grew a tap root. That's Ok though...I just ordered a bunch of seeds from this seed company called the "EMERALD TRIANGLE". OG and Lemon Thai and such.


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You should add Perlite to your soil. Cannabis doesn't like to have a very compacted soil to grow in and if you use only regular soil it'll stunt your growth and could cause root issues (i.e. root lock, root rot). A good mixture is 1 part perlite to 2 or 3 parts soil. You should be able to pick it up from the same place you got your soil. Also, be wary of Miracle Grow products. They have stored nutrients which, if you're not careful, could cause nutrient burn.

All that aside, you look to be off to a great start and I like your choice of growing location. How are you planning on controlling temperatures and humidity in there?

Oh, and remember, that this is cannabis, it's one of the hardiest plants on the planet. There's not a whole lot you can do to it that it can't handle. :439:
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thanks for telling me about the perlite mixture. i just came back from the hardware store but im going to go back out again. I just bought 2 4'' fans that i am going to place directly on those white vents (as pictured above) im going to face one out and one in as an intake/exhaust and i am going to cover up all the other vents so just those 2 are pushing and pulling air. Not sure how else i could control the temp, as for humidity goes could i put a dehumidifier in there:? thanks for your help


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Well, it depends on your outdoor relative humidity levels, since that's where you'll be getting your air supply. I you are in a higher humidity area, like the Pacific Northwest or the South, then I would say that watering less would help with keeping the humidity under control.

The reason that people worry about humidity is because it can cause mold among other things. So with that said, the less water, the less likely there will be mold growth. You'll just need to be strict with your watering schedule and vigilant for mold and other fungi. I hope I didn't freak you out, you shouldn't have to worry about it too much.
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no you didnt freak me out, any pointers i will take into consideration, i live in the north eastern part of the united states , it can get muggy here, but for the most part its relatively dry, i think my biggest concern is going to be heat but the ventilation system i just installed along with a little desk fan blowing on the fans should do the trick


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So i moved my grow to a smaller but more convenient crawl space. this one is not as long but just about the same height. I just constructed a make shift ventilation system with 2 small desk fans and some dryer vent tube. Came out pretty good and its already cooling the crawl space down, defiantly moving some air around. (also pictured is 300 watt flouro, digitial timer, and grow space.



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so i decided to start the seedlings out in jiffy trays that way i can just tear them off when they are ready to be transplanted. Im pretty sure i can just plant the whole thing in the bigger pot and the roots will grow through the jiffy tray. Does any one have experience with these?

also grabbed a bag of perlite since some one had suggested that, mixed it about 2:1 ratio

2 scoops of soil/ 1 scoop of perlite.

Im getting excited, everything is coming together. Will update tommarow

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